Grid Pad Pro

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Lower price on the Grid Pad Pro communication device!

The Grid Pad Pro are Windows 10 tablet-based AAC devices which provides augmentative communication, computer access, and environmental control through the award winning The Grid 3 program.

  • Available in 12", 13", and 18" screen sizes.
  • Accessible via touchscreen, 2 built-in switch inputs, 2 internal wireless switch receivers, and USB input.
  • Acapela speech synthesis.
  • The Grid 3 provides both text and picture communication boards.
  • The Grid 3 provides full keyboard and mouse computer access via any input method.
  • The Grid Pad Pro provides both IR and RF modes of environmental control.  Operate TV's, lamps, etc.
  • Durable casing and tough Gorilla Glass screen.
  • Hardwired sound amplification/dual speakers/ECU backbox.
  • Includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, REHAdapt/Daessy mounting plate w/built-in desk stand, neck strap.
  • Grid Pad Pro 12"
    • Weight:  2.2 lbs.
    • Battery Life:  Up to 15 hr. per charge; external batteries are available
  • Grid Pad Pro 13"
    • Weight: 5.9 lbs.
    • Battery Life: Up to 8 hrs. per charge; external batteries are available
  • Grid Pad Pro 18"
    • Please note: The Grid Pad Pro 18 is not intended for wheelchair mounting.  Instead please use a table stand or floor mount.  Operation via AC power is recommended
    • Weight:  6 lbs.
    • Battery Life:  Up to 4 hrs. 40 min. per charge; recommend AC power; external batteries are available.      
  • 2 year warranty on all models.
  • Dedicated version available.
  • Optional RF On/Off Module controls AC appliances up to 15A or 1800W of lighting.
  • Optional RF Lamp Dimmer Module controls incandescent loads up to 300 watts.

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