Brainfingers emg switch/neuro controller

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Brainfingers is designed for persons with extremely limited motor control

    • EMG = electromyographic.  Activated by tiny electrical (neuro) impulses from muscle contractions. Wrinkle brow, lift eyebrow, glance in any direction, blink.  Activated by small discreet movements.
    • Features a headband fitted with sensors which is placed on the user's forehead. The sensors detect electrical signals from facial muscles, eye movements, and brainwaves.
    • No adhesive electrode pads needed!  Headband provides non-sticky electrode sensor contact.
    • Software converts the electrical signals into computer controls or "Brainfingers."
    • Brainfingers may be used with AAC/computer access/environmental control devices.  Works great with the Grid Pad series of AAC/computer access devices.
    • Activated by:
      • Tiny electrical impulses from forehead muscle contractions. Wrinkle brow, lift eyebrow, etc.
      • Eye glance (up, down, left, or right)
      • Eye blink
    • Connects via USB port.
    • Includes everything needed:
      • Brainfingers electrode sensor headband
      • Brainfingers control box w/USB cable
      • Extra, replacement electrodes
      • Downloadable software driver.

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