Switch Skills

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Great fun programs for teaching how to use a switch.  Ranges from cause and effect to switch scanning.

    Switch Skills 1

    • Fun program for students moving from cause and effect to directional control and choice making.
    • Drive a race car, score a soccer goal, catch crocodiles and participate in other exciting activities. 
    • Accessible by mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, and switch scanning. 
    • Windows compatible.

    Switch Skills 2

    • Provides twenty switch timing activities at an elementary level. 
    • Press your switch or the touch screen when a big, bright object appears and see an animated reward. 
    • Provides higher level activities which require more visual discrimination as well as four additional activities which provide opportunities for creative and experimental play by early switch users. 
    • Configurable options allow you to meet individual needs and develop students skills in small steps. 
    • Topics are varied and appeal to a wide range of users. 
    • Windows compatible.

    Switch Skills 3

    • Provides 15 activities at a higher level than Switch Skills 2. 
    • First activity is ‘Splat the Clowns’ - watch a clown move across the screen and throw a custard pie at him when he reaches the middle. Other games of a similar nature have themes appropriate for older learners. 
    • Next section had 4 activities which are more demanding, with smaller targets in different places on the screen. 
    • Set of music activities allows learners to experiment with sound while learning to choose using a switch.
    • Three simple video games are provided at the end for learners who have grasped the concept of switch timing but need more practice. 
    • Accessible using a switch or touchscreen.
    • Windows compatible.

    Switch Skills-Scanning

    • Set of 22 switch activities designed to teach students how to use switch scanning to operate software or augmentative communication devices. 
    • Activities are split into 5 sections with increasing levels of skill and complexity in very small steps. 
    • Features a wide range of themes including music groups, rockets, a funfair, trains, farm, and treasure island.
    • Windows compatible.

     5 User means receive 1 CD which can be installed on 5 computers.

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