Big Bang Series

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Software designed to develop attention to task and cause and effect skills.

Big Bang

  • designed to offer a choice of eye tracking activities and includes eye catching images, stimulating movement and exciting sound effects for all ages.
  • Provides visual and auditory stimulation. 
  • Use explosive animated scenes or build action gradually with each input. 

 Big Bang Pictures

  • Cause and effect program.
  • Contains over 20 animating pictures of everyday objects displayed in only two colors for maximum visual effect.
  • Eye-catching animations have been designed in consultation with VI professionals with three levels of visual complexity together with color options.  
  • Program includes exciting music and sound effects. 

Big Bang Patterns

  • Contains over 60 different animations in two bright colors with lively music and sound effects to encourage response and interaction.
  • Great for inattentive users who respond to big, bold visual and auditory stimulation. 

All the above are accessible by mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, and switch. 

Windows compatible.

When ordering, the software is now a download link with activation code. A CD will no longer be shipped.


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