GewaTel 200 Speaker Phone

GewaTel 200 Speaker Phone

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The GewaTel 200 is a hands free speaker phone which may be remotely operated via an Infra-red transmitter (see below)

  • GewaTel 200 speaker telephone provides hands-free telephone access via its built-in IR (infra-red) technology with high sound quality. 
  • This device features complete manual access, remote access to all telephone functions, LCD display for viewing numbers before calling, automatic switching from on-hook to off-hook, volume control either manually or remotely, 50 coded-number memories, and is wall mountable.
  • By using Infra-Red transmitters (Control Prog, Progress Star USB, or Progress Micro USB - call for info) people with physical disabilities can use all the functions of the GewaTel 200 remotely.
  • The GewaTel 200 is supplied complete with power supply, cabling and jack plug. An extra microphone can be used for users with weak voices.
  • An earphone can also be used for people wanting a more private conversation.

The GewaTel 200 is also operable remotely by a number of augmentative communication devices.  Check with your communication device manufacturer to insure compatibility.


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