SwitchIt!  Hygiene Extra

SwitchIt! Hygiene Extra

  • $ 114.00
  • Save $ 4.00

Lower price on SwitchIt!  Hygiene Extra!

  • Focuses on personal hygiene including showering, brushing teeth, hair care, clean vs. soiled clothes, being well dressed, and food hygiene.
  • Accessible by mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, and switch scanning.  
  • Winindows compatible.
  • 5 User means receive 1 CD which can be installed on 5 computers.

SwitchIt! Extra titles are programs which provide theme-based cause & effect and learning activities through the use of onscreen flash cards, picture builds, and stories.  These programs also include many additional resources on the CD including the graphics used in each program and worksheets with activities which range from dot-to-dot, story sequencing cards, matching pictures to words, to fill in the missing letter, etc.

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